Monday, May 23, 2011

Why is Hyuna worrying about her appearance?

On a recent interview of 4minute for Ariul, the girls were asked about the member who cares the most about her appearance. Apparently, the girls unanimously chose Kim Hyuna as their answer.

When asked about the reason behind this matter, Hyuna explained, "I do pay much attention on my appearance because I don't want to disappoint my fans with how I look."

On the other hand, their leader, Nam Jihyun, was elected to be the member who has the best and prettiest bare face among the group.

Hyuna added, "Actually, Jihyun-unnie looks better without any make-up on. She's naturally beautiful that she won't even need luxurious skin care just to look good."

With Ariul as the first cosmetic product that the group will endorse since their debut, the girls expressed their excitement and confessed, "Actually, before we actually did the shoot for this advertisement, we made sure that we're not stressed so we'll get better skin."

The girls continued, "Our CEO was surprised and happy at the same when we got this offer since he had this thought that we don't have the innocent and sweet image that cosmetic brands would usually look out for."

Source: KPOP-Love
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