Monday, May 23, 2011

Hyuna is Dancing With The Stars' "Dancing Barbie Doll"

As 4minute's Kim Hyuna made her confirmation on being part of MBC's upcoming show, 'Dancing With The Stars,' it was revealed that people should expect a lady showing off amazing dancing skills in a 'Barbie-doll-like-appearance.'

Hyuna, together with other popular icons, celebrities and entertainers, were paired with professional dancers and will prepare vigorously for their much-awaited performances for the show. Currently, Kim Hyuna is having the "Dancing Queen" role from her group, 4minute; thus, making her one of the best dancers of the confirmed cast of the said show which eventually raised huge interests and expectations from the public.

Upon knowing Hyuna's confirmed appearance on the show, more news came in and Netizens immediately expressed their thoughts and commented, "The Dancing Barbie Doll!" "It'll be interesting to see the 'Dancing Queen' Hyuna being part of this survival dance show" and "I will definitely watch 'Dancing With The Stars.' I have high expectations on you, Hyuna!" proving a hot response from the general public.

MBC bought the rights of the show, 'Dancing With The Stars,' from British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), where it originally came from. A total of 11 people will be joining the show which includes Kim Kyu Ri (actress), Jessica Gomez (model), Kim Young Cheol (actor), Kim Jang Hoon (singer), Moon Hee Joon (musician), Lee Bong-Ju (athlete/marathoner), and many more.

Meanwhile, "Dancing With The Stars" is scheduled to officially begin airing on June 10.

Source: NTN
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