Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kim Hyuna wishes her mentally challenged fan all the best

People were amused by Kim Hyuna's fan who took a 600 kilometer-travel from Busan to Seoul just to meet his idol in person. Upon knowing this, HyunA gave him a surprise meet-up that eventually made him smile.

From April 20's broadcast of KBS 2TV, viewers were moved by how this fan's father supported his son on meeting his 4minute idol by walking all the way from Busan to Seoul despite of his son's mental disability.

According to Yijinseop, they can finally take some good rest after their month-long journey.

As soon as 4Minute's Kim Hyuna knew that amongst other girl groups, it was them whom he chose to support that he even decided to visit them on their fansigning event despite of such circumstances, she immediately smiled and felt thankful for her ultimate fan.

As a sign of her gratitude, Hyuna gave him an autographed album as a gift. She immediately gave him a warm embrace and did an impromptu photoshoot together with her fan.

When the fan was asked about his feelings, he immediately answered, "I was so delighted and it felt so good! I wish I'm not just dreaming," creating a warm atmosphere from the set as everyone laughed on his answer.

Later on, Kim Hyuna gave her wishes to her ultimate fan and said, "I am really thankful that you came here to see us and I'm hoping that we could see each other again in the future. I was overwhelmed that you took so much time just to be able to come here and I was glad that you were not hurt. Please take good care of your health. See you next time and thank you," leaving a beautiful message proving her good nature and kind heart.

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