Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hyuna shows off her bare face for Ariul's photoshoot

In a recent photoshoot, 4minute's Hyuna paraded her good looks that don't need any photo editing.

On April 20th, the Life Style Skincare brand Ariul released concept pictures of Hyuna's bare face. It is not the star idol Hyuna that can be seen but a bubbly and fresh 20er, posing without make-up and in a casual appearance.

Accordingly, Ariul is set to reveal the other 4minute members' appearances along with their cosmetic products.

An Ariul representative reported "For this shooting, in order to show each members' shiny fresh faces for a perfect photoshoot of bare-faced celebrities, we directed the shooting in a comfortable mood" and "You will soon get to see the 4minute members moisturizing their fresh faces, like true bare-faced beauties."

The pictorial of their perfect appearances is scheduled to be released on Ariul's homepage.

Source : TV Report via NATETranslating & editing : Meeli           

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