Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Wore It Better: Hara VS Hyuna

Girl group members Goo Hara and Hyuna were recently spotted wearing the same outfit.

The girls both went for a black lace panel mini dress with a high neckline.

Hyuna was seen wearing it during the 2011 K-Pop Awards to get her prize for the music video of her solo single "Bubble Pop" while Kara's Goo Hara was seen wearing the same attire for the Red Carpet at the Golden Disk Awards held this week in Osaka.

Both wore the same dress but gave off a different feel.

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Hyuna chose to match it with a black and white ring and a pair of black leather kill heels. She also went for a light make up, but spiced it up with a fuschia rouge. Her hair are worn straight. With the shoes she chose, Hyuna went for a trendy yet simple look. She could have worn the dress at a friend's party or for a live performance.

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While Hara wore the exact same dress, she accessorized it with silver kill heels, which definitely gives the whole ensemble the Red Carpet touch needed for the ceremony she attended. She didn't style her hair straight but with a bit of wave which makes the look even more natural. As Hyuna, she also went for minimal make up and a light pink lipstick.

(-) : Hyuna's dress seems to be a size too big for her which kind of killed the look.

(-) : Hara could have worn a bit more accessories (a silver or gold bracelet for example), even though gold earrings were a good choice.

Source: Soompi

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