Thursday, December 15, 2011

4minute's Sohyun, "Hyuna is more childish than me in her daily life."

4minute member Sohyun (17) revealed that Hyuna (19) has a really different personality in daily life, rather than her sexy image on stage.

On the latest episode of MBC Everyone 'Weekly Idol', a voting for the 'Real Sexy-idol' was revealed. For female idols, Hyuna was chosen as #1.

MCs Defconn and Jung Hyungdon asked for a comment from 4minute's Sohyun because Hyuna was performing outside the country.

They asked whether Hyuna is also sexy in daily life or not. Sohyun answered, "I don't know for the other times. But she's more childish than me in daily life. I think people love her for working hard on stage as a performing group."

Source: Nate
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