Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who did Hyuna tweet, “I really, really like you” to?

Sexy singer Hyuna recently received attention for tweeting, “I really, really like you. But why do you keep running away from me huh?? Huh?!?!…♥♥♥♥“. Along with the tweet, she posted a picture.

Who was the recipient of this tweet? Well, it wasn’t a person – it was actually her cat! In the attached picture (below), Hyuna is seen clinging on to her cat. The cat seems like it wants to break free from Hyuna’s loving grip. Hyuna is dressed in white, portraying a pure and innocent image veering away from her normal, sexy stage appearance.

Fan’s who came across this picture commented, “Cat lover. Lucky cat“, “I want your cat!“, and “You’re so pretty HyunA!“.

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Source: Allkpop

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