Friday, July 15, 2011

Does 4minute’s Hyuna have a role model?

There’s no doubt that 4minute’s Hyuna has made a name for herself, but is there a role model behind her success?

After making a bubbly comeback with her latest song ‘Bubble Pop!‘, an official revealed that the the 19 year old never had a role model to help her succeed.

Before Hyuna became successful with her fellow members in 4minute, she was well under the radar for being a temporary member of the Wonder Girls. In fact, before her debut with 4minute under Cube Entertainment, 4minute was unofficially known as “Hyuna’s group.” Because of her past and her willingness to grow on her own, Hyuna reportedly didn’t have a role model.

A representative from Hyuna’s side told enews, “Hyuna really likes Lee Hyori and Seo In Young… She respects them and talks about them a lot as singers she admires.” Despite her adoration for these singers, she sticks to the fact that she doesn’t have a role model because of her plans to become a new kind of female singer and in doing so, focuses on growing and developing as an artist.

They added, “Hyuna is the type of girl whose potential is limitless. Please watch over her growth.”

However, the lack of a role model appears to have no adverse effect on this growing star as she was widely successful with her single “Change” and again with her newest track “Bubble Pop!”. Additionally, it has been noted that Hyuna has become a more solid female singer over time.

Source: Nate, Allkpop

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