Monday, June 27, 2011

The meaning of the tattoo on Hyuna's shoulder

4minute's member Hyuna, who is going to make a solo comeback, has a tattoo that is gaining attention.

Through CUBE Entertainment, Hyuna's mini-album jacket photos were revealed on the 27th. In the pictures, there is a tattoo on the left side of Hyuna's back. Fans are curious of the meaning of this tattoo. The letters on the tattoo spell out, "My mother is the heart that keeps me alive."

A CUBE Entertainment official explained on the 27th, "Hyuna picked the words and the meaning herself."

"Hyuna has been apart from her family for a long time because of her activities, so she thinks of them a lot. Her love for her mother is particularly deep. It has actually been a while since she got the tattoo, but it is being revealed for the first time only because her top is low on the back this time."

The official also said, "Hyuna's album concept this time is not about being sexy, but rather about giving off a sporty feeling."

Hyuna's mini-album will be revealed on the 5th and during that week, she will start full-fledged promotions; however, the exact date of her music program comeback is not yet determined.

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