Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hyuna’s “coming-of-age” performance

Girl group 4minute’s Hyuna recently performed a sexy “coming-of-age” cha-cha-cha routine on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘.

On the June 24th broadcast, the ten contestants competed in their second “Vienna Waltz or Cha-Cha-Cha” mission. Hyuna expressed her determination, stating, “I want to show a different side of myself this week, but I’m worried because I didn’t have much time to practice. I will still try my best.

In contrast to her previously bright and girly wardrobe, Hyuna wore a revealing black dress that emphasized her feminine beauty. Similarly, her performance lived up to its “coming-of-age” title and oozed with sex appeal. Hyuna’s fierce eye contact and strong teamwork with partner, Nam Ki Yong, came together to create a flawless performance.

Her hard work paid off, and the judges praised her for her dramatic change. They commented, “You’ve shown that you’re no longer a girl with a bubbly image, but a woman. You two had great teamwork“, “This mature routine fits you more. You’ve finally showcased your talent. There’s a different charm to this compared to last week’s performance“, and “Your footstep was lacking a bit“.

After her performance, Hyuna cutely asked her fellow group members to help her move on the next round. She shouted, “Are you guys watching? If you guys send me some text messages, I think I won’t fall out of the competition just yet“, and evoked the studio to laugh.

Luckily, Hyuna was able to advance to the third round with a total of 19 points.

Check out the performance below!

Sources: TV Daily, Nate, TV Report, Allkpop

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