Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hyuna vs. T-ara Hyomin: "School Uniform Battle",

The picture of Hyomin in a school uniform is from the set of the latest horror film "Gisaeng Spirit." Hyomin plays the role of Han Eunjung's younger sister, a lively high school student, who has the key to all the problems. She looks cute with her hair tied up in pigtails.

On the other hand, Hyuna is known as a girl group member who looks great in a school uniform. The photos at the top are of Hyuna in junior high school when she debuted as a Wonder Girls member. As expected, even as a junior high school student, Hyuna had a glamorous body. With her slender legs and thin waist, she is posing like a celebrity. She also smiled while complying with her friends' requests for her signature.

Meanwhile, the movie "Gisaeng Spirit," which is about the spirit of a child who died entering the bodies of different people and committing terrifying murders, will come out in August.

Source: Nate
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