Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hyuna braves injury on 'Dancing With The Stars'

It was recently discovered that, on the latest episode of 'Dancing With The Stars', Hyuna had actually performed with an ankle injury. It is believed that she hurt her ankle during a rehearsel for the SBS special concert.

Despite this, Hyuna persevered through the pain and managed to complete her full choreography for her routine. SHe even did so without the cast on further impressing many.

However her injury will still require her to wear a cast for the next two to three weeks. The official statement from CUBE is as follows:

“We are continuing treatment in case her injury gets worse. She has a lot of determination to do well, so she will be doing her best for all of her future performances.”

Lets all continue to wish her a speedy recovery!
Source: allkpop
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