Monday, May 2, 2011

Kim Hyuna: "Im into long floral print skirts"

Kim Hyuna: "Im into long floral print skirts"

Kim Hyuna's profile
Physique : 164cm, 44kg
Ideal type : A man that is like her father
Latest love relationship : 3 years ago
Drinking capacity : One can of beer
Complex : She doesn't know

What is inside Kim Hyuna's bag?
W Dressroom Black & White shoulder bag

A pink MCM wallet, dr. dre earphones, a Lanvin perfurme, a Benefit lip tint, a Maybelline lip balm, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, patches, a cellphone battery, an iPod touch, a relaxant for pain and inflammation (Drill lozenges), SAVEX lip gloss.

Kim Hyuna's nickname is 'active Hyuna'. Wherever she goes, she's 'active', she comes back and forth and she can't stay still and sit for a moment. If there's time before the show starts being recorded, she goes to a convenience store in the surroundings of the TV network's building and feels satisfied to go buy something even if it's only one lip gloss. So this is why she is the member who doesn't have difficulty losing weight.

Hyuna's strong point the members are the most envious of is that, even if she eats a lot, she won't gain weight. Even though she eats a lot, she exercises a lot and so doesn't gain weight. Also, her milky white skin is something Hyuna can't help but to be proud of. On the topic, the members expressed "We're amazed at how a person's skin can be that flawlessly white."

As she has a personality to go "all in" for something once she has focused on it, if she likes a brand, she gets everything from it. "I really like W Dressroom. When I heard that the new collection was out, I went right there and got everything. When I was really into sneakers I bought 3 pairs of the same Nike model. Lately, I'm only seen wearing long floral print skirts."

Source : Ilgan Sports
Translating & editing : Meeli

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