Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Embarrassing punishment proves 4minute's maknaes as forever cuties

4minute's Hyuna and Sohyun's cute ink beards brought laughter to the fans during KBS' variety show.

On May 23rd, Sohyun and Hyuna guested on KBS 2TV's variety program "Escaping Crisis Number 1". When they couldn't answer the question asked and succeed the challenge, they had to take the punishment of "wearing ink beards". The usually hot and cute girls had an unusual makeover. They had their faces smeared with black ink which brought laughter to the audience. Hyuna later tweeted to Sohyun: "Become pretty again and fast! We are together, attached to each other with our ink beards."

Netizens who saw captures of the episode commented on the girls' new looks: "Your humiliating pictures are cute!", "The lives of entertainers are tough like this. " and "Even with ink all over the face, you still look beautiful and shining."

Source: Nate
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