Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hyuna's interview with ELLE girl

Kim Hyuna

"What can I say. I'm an adult. It doesn't make sense." When we asked about her thoughts on being a university student, she complained with aegyo [by acting cute]. "I thought that I'd be an average under-age gir. In my surroundings, I heard a lot that even if I become an adult, things will remain the same, and it really is the case. I only think that I'll be responsible for whatever I do from now on." The freshman Hyuna saw her professors and greeted each of her friends and seniors at her university. It is still awkward but she wants to get the closest to them, bring down any barrier between them. It seems that she's becoming integrated carefully and that she will become friends with some people. Her speaking voice is high-pitched and filled with aegyo. She is chatty and has many facial expressions and gestures. The staff members giggle at Hyuna's cute aegyo and her body gags.

However, when the shooting starts the 'Girl Hyuna' goes away and the 'Charisma Hyuna' pluckily stares at the camera. 4minute is known for their powerful performances and Hyuna's dance abilities stand out on stage as well. What is the source of the confidence overflowing from her small body? "Honestly, I don't have confidence in my looks. But when I stand on stage I'm perfectionistic. And when I act confidently, people look at me and get the feeling, 'who is she to act so confidently?'. Also, lately, there are many groups with good abilities. I think that the appearance of someone who is working hard is more appealing." Even if she speaks shyly and with modesty, her instinct of someone born to be a star stood out through her solo activities. However, when we asked her if she ever missed it, she shook her head. "On stage, we always have eye contacts with the other teammates. It's not that I feel anxious because the members aren't there, I don't. But the tension that we share as 5, I have to bear it on my own. I think I was distressed a lot. When I monitor my solo activities, I feel a little sad. I guess it's just something I will learn more about as I go on?"

Hyuna and her various feelings and charms; it is difficult to rank the things she likes. She listens to music accordingly to her mood, she enjoys various fashion styles. Her hobby is shopping. She likes to walk on the streets and eat food at the same time. She'd rather not die and conceal her face. The friends she go out with are always the members, when they're not working they always go out together; their relationship is tight like this. Among the things Hyuna likes, the thing we were the most curious about is definitely her ideal type. She didn't reveal that she liked short guys to gain the precious attention of male fans. "It's because my father is small. But lately, my ideal type changed a little. It's a person who will understand me a lot, regardless his height. I'd like a big-hearted man who will handle all my complaints."

Even though she doesn't have a boyfriend, Hyuna lives her life, enjoying the 365 days of the year. Sometimes when she feels down for a moment, the other members cheer her up and soon she loosens up. When was the happiest time with 4minute? "When we reached our 100-day anniversary? When we received an award? I think that every day is special and wonderful. Every day, 'today' happens once." Instead of asserting that she attracted the spotlight on her, she let us know what was important to her and we understand her desire to do everything. Hyuna who will accomplish herself with the todays accumulated; we are curious about how she will look like in the future. "I tried to picture it many times. In the end, I think that my future will ensue from my actions. More than anything, I hope that I will have a lot of people in my entourage. It's not that I want to be surrounded just for the sake of it, I hope that a lot of people will sincerely cherish me. I have to do well for that to happen!"

Source : ELLE girl
Translating & editing : Meeli & Chris @ 4-minute.com

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