Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hyuna's shining skin garnered attention

4minute's Kim Hyuna has uploaded a number of selcas in her Twitter account that eventually caught so much attention from fans and Netizens.

On the 29th, Hyuna tweeted with her selcas, "A-ha~~~^∇^ My face is shiny ㅋㅋ Where do you think I am~~~!?!???"

On her pictures, we can clearly see her glowing and shining skin without a touch of any make-up. This had once again proved that she is indeed, deserving to be considered as one of Korea's Idols with the best and beautiful skin.
Her co-artist from CUBE Entertainment, the soloist G.Na, replied on this tweet and said: "I wish my face was shiny too♥ ㅋㅋㅋ Stay strong Kim Hyunbak," showing their tight friendship.

Moreover, Netizens also shared their opinions towards Hyuna's selcas and shared:

"What is she using to have such a glowing skin? I'm envious."
"HyunA has just turned 20... I guess, she really has that scent of womanhood now."
"Honey, this is truly beautiful!" and
"You simply don't need any make-up anymore. You're beautiful this way too!"

Meanwhile, stay tune for 4minute's comeback this coming April.

Source: Newsen
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