Saturday, March 5, 2011

4minute and G.NA reveal Hyuna's unique sleeping habits

During the recording of the latest episode of '4minute's Mr. Teacher', G.Na made a surprise visit to her labelmate's dorms.
G.NA and 4minute sat around a table and had a friendly chat. During the conversation, Hyuna said "I recall the time when we used to live together" and made the girls remember their past dorm life spent together.
G.NA started revealing Hyuna's sleeping habits stating "Still, I'm glad you're sleeping alone in your bed. Whenever my schedule was over and that I came back home, Hyuna was sleeping, stretching all over the bed.", to what Jihyun added "Hyuna dances unawares when she's sleeping".
Hereupon, the members confirmed "It's true. Hyuna dances and talks while sleeping" and burst into laughing.
Source : tvdaily
Translating & editing : Meeli

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