Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hyuna saw the devil

This February 2nd, during SBS's special program for the Lunar New Year recorded in Pattaya (Thailand), King of Idols, some popular idols were confronted to one another during games.

After the dancing segment and the wrestling challenge, teams were opposed in a game during which the first to eat the weed suspended on the horizontal bar would win the face-off.

For this game, Hyuna and 2AM's Jinwoon were up against Park Jungmin and SISTAR's Hyorin, the male idols supporting the female idols on their shoulders.

Hyuna, good at shoulder riding, was first to get near the weed.

However, Hyorin started to attack her and grappled her. Hyorin definitely showed her competitive spirit by trying to throw Hyuna, who was withstanding and holding the horizontal bar firmly, into the water.

In response to her unceasing attacks, Hyuna acted irritated and even bluntly called her a devil. She ended up begging Hyorin not to eat the weed.

Hyuna eventually got herself together and tried to eat the weed once again. This time, she was disturbed by Park Jungmin who was sprinkling water on her and hence called her a devil.

Whoever the devil was, the pair showing its strong competitive spirit (Jungmin and Hyorin) won the challenge.

Source: Xports News via NATE
Translating, editing & reporting: Meeli @

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