Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hyuna shed tears during the recording of Mr. Teacher

Recently, 4minute visited Taiwan to record Echannel's '4minute's Mr. Teacher'. During the trip, the members were given the mission to write letters to the people they cherish and to mail them from Taipei 101.
Whereas most members read their letters calmly, Hyuna started to shed tears while listening to the other members reading their postcards. Hyuna spent her childhood away from her parents to endure the severe trainee life. She said "I missed my parents so much" and wasn't able to talk for a while.
Also, Hyuna couldn't stop crying while reading the letter she wrote to her mother and it is said that the recording was eventually put on hold.

In the same episode, 2PM's Nickhun asked 4minute to take good care of his brother while in Thailand.

The 6th episode of Echannel's '4minute's Mr. Teacher' will air this February 23rd at 12:00AM KST

Source: Review Star
Translating & editing: Meeli

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