Sunday, February 6, 2011

2009 Hyuna's UFO replies (english translations)

UFO replies

[Fan] Ah, my back hurtsㅠ
[Hyuna] Don't be hurt...!!!!!!!!!

[Fan] Hyuna, today was a big hit. I think you're progressing little by little >_
[Hyuna] Thank you ㅜ_ㅜ♡~~

[Fan] This is the picture I like the most ♡ You suffered a lot for 2 years! Now you're 4minute^^! Hyuna, let's fly!♥
[Hyuna] Aja aja~~~~~!! Let's just run together while only looking forward > _ <

[Fan] Forget all the times you suffered for 2 years!!! I thank you for coming back to our sides!!!^^
[Hyuna] I thank you.... for waiting ♡

[Fan] I took a qualification test today. Do you think I made it?ㅜ
[Hyuna] There will definitely be good results!~! ♡

[Fan] Newcomer award for female groups in 2009 until 2010! 4minute jjang~
[Hyuna] Newcomer award~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aja aja~!!♡ Yep ^0^

[Fan] Hyuna, have fun while you perform. Don't worry about other things... The fans take care of everything one by one. Our Hyuna, hwaiting
[Hyuna] Yes!! I'll try.. Thank you♡

[Fan] The way you mimic the eagle, ah so cute
[Hyuna] Eh…=_= I don’t like it ㅠㅠㅠ

Translations by kiky + Chris + Meeli @

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