Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hyuna's tattoo revealed!

Hyuna's tattoo revealed!

Probably, we all know now that Kim HyunA has a tattoo on her shoulder. However, we were not yet very sure about the real message that her tattoo conveys for we could only rely on the limited shots of several pictures and videos that would show a little part of her tattoo.

Now, thanks to TATIST, the tattoo salon where HyunA and other popular Korean artists had their tattoos done. Some of these artists are Taeyang, Seo In Young, Teddy and many more.

From the picture itself, you could see that it says:
"My mother is the heart, that keeps me alive"

It continues to garner interest most especially because of its wonderful meaning, dedicated to her mother.

Source: omonatheydidnt's Livejournal
Reporting + Editing: ashleylovesasia @ 4-minute.com

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